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Hotlines for Lin-gang talent services

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Mar 14, 2023 L M S

1F of the Lin-gang Special Area International Talent Service Hub

1. Consultations on working and living permits for foreigners in China, foreign talent salary currency exchange services, and foreign graduate certificate of employment in Lin-gang Special Area

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8012

2. Consultations on recommendations or proof of permanent residence in China, international students' certificate of part-time business in Lin-gang, APEC Business Travel Card, Shanghai Residence Permit for Overseas Talents (B-type), and PU Letter

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8115

2F of the Lin-gang Special Area International Talent Service Hub

  • No 1 window

Lin-gang Special Area: Recommendation letter of special bonus points for residence permit, recommendation letter for shortening the term of obtaining household registration, verification and approval for shortening the term of obtaining household registration, recommendation letter of introduction catalogue of skilled talent, and recommended letter of skilled personnel from representative enterprises

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8023

  • No 2 window

Lin-gang Special Area archives management

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8014

  • No 3 and 4 windows

Lin-gang Special Area: Points of residence permit, introduction of talent, settlement of overseas returnees

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8019 or 68289698-8011

  • No 6 window

Pudong New Area Talent Service Center: Work permit for foreigners in China, settlement of overseas returnees, employment registration of institutions

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8018

  • No 7 and 8 windows

Pudong New Area Talent Service Center: Points of residence permit, resident permit to household registration transfers, introduction of talent, divorces in Shanghai, archives management

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8073 or 68289698-8010

  • No 9 window

Pudong New Area Employment Promotion Center: Personnel recruitment, vocational training, suspension of unemployment benefits, file circulation, job hunting and recruitment

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8013

  • No 10 window

Consultation on housing public accumulation fund

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8015

  • No 11 window

Consultation on social security

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8016

  • No 12 window

Lin-gang Special Area: Talent apartment, purchase qualification confirmation letter, subsidies for vocational skills training

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8069

  • No 13 and 14 windows

Public rental application, consultation, and signing in Lin-gang Special Area

Tel: +86-21-68286023 or 68280588

  • No 15 window

Consultation on Lin-gang Special Area's housing policy

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8064

  • No 16 window

Shanghai residence permit and social security card

Tel: +86-21-68289698-8024

  • Address No 200 Shengang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
  • Zip Code 201306
  • TEL +86-21-68283063
  • FAX +86-21-68283000