Industrial planning of Oriental IC Port

en.lgcv.gov.cn| Updated: Nov 2, 2020 L M S

The Oriental IC Port is planning to become a strategic area and new driver of growth behind Shanghai's integrated circuit (IC) industry. It will focus on technology related to core chips, specialized processes, key equipment, and basic materials and plans to develop a comprehensive national IC industrial center.

The Oriental IC Port is expected to have an industrial scale of 100 billion yuan ($14.95 billion ) by 2025, and by 2035, it is expected to be home to a high-level industrial ecology and be an IC hub with global influence by.

The Lin-gang Special Area is currently is currently promoting three core industrial technology projects.

I. Industrial high-end leading project

a) To build the best chip manufacturing hub in the country

Lin-gang will work to develop advanced technology and new storage in an effort to create a new hub for chip manufacturing with high-end industries in Shanghai.

b) To build a chip equipment and materials industrial cluster

Lin-gang Special Area will also work to attract leading Chinese and international equipment and materials enterprises, accelerate the development of a complete parts supply system, and build a new industrial cluster for the IC equipment and materials industry.

II. Whole industrial chain upgrading project

a) To strengthen the industrial chain and improve chip design

Lin-gang Special Area will not only support EDA and IP, but also work to develop emerging areas that are not yet well-established in Shanghai, such as intelligent sensing, artificial intelligence, 5G radio frequency, power chips, and new memory.

b) To improve testing and manufacturing services for packaging

Lin-gang will promote the R&D and mass production of advanced packaging technologies, and improve integrated service capabilities for the advanced testing and manufacturing of packaging.

c) To build a chip trade and support service center for the Asia-Pacific region

This center will help domestic chip companies develop innovative products and improve management of their supply chains while also helping domestic chip companies in their efforts to expand into overseas markets.

III. Core technology innovation project

a) To support IC innovation

Lin-gang Special Area will continue to increase investment in innovation and introduce national IC research institutions and innovation platforms to enhance its technological innovation and influence.

b) To overcome barriers in technological projects

Focusing on the needs of Shanghai and China as a whole, Lin-gang will tackle problems related to key technologies such as EDA tools, key IP, photoengraving machines, photoresists, and large silicon chips.

c) To strengthen intellectual property protection

Oriental IC Port will also work to align international intellectual property rules and strengthen protection of IPR, including patents, IC layout-design, business secrets, and data belonging to enterprises. 


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