In pics: Discover romantic decorations in Lin-gang

en.lingang.gov.cn| Updated: May 21, 2024 L M S

In Chinese, the pronunciation of the numbers "5-2-0" sounds similar to "wo ai ni", which means "I love you" in English – appropriate because the romantic melodies of May 20 will soon fill the air and it's time to plan a celebratory date with your significant other.

The Lin-gang Special Area in East China's Shanghai is staging a romantic themed month, which kicked off on April 30 and runs through to June 2.

As a result, the area has been festooned with various romantic decorations.

At the Dishui Lake pier there is now a cubic glass structure with a red heart inside it. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

At Cloud Plaza, a striking oversized shopping bag in bright yellow stands out, offering tourists a picturesque backdrop with the bag as a frame and the lake view in the background for photo opportunities. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

The gate of happiness in the One Step Garden (in the east bank store at Dishui Lake) is a favorite spot for wedding photoshoots. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

The peach blossom tree of auspicious clouds can be themed and decorated according to the different seasonal landscapes throughout the year. In May, it showcases the theme of "spring colors" with graceful willow branches and delicate pink cherry blossoms blooming, portraying a vibrant spring by the lakeside. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]