In pics: WLA Science Community in Lin-gang nears completion

en.lingang.gov.cn| Updated: May 14, 2024 L M S

A panoramic view of the WLA Science Community, with the Lin-gang Center as the core landmark. [Photo/Shanghai Observer]

The new World Laureates Association (WLA) Science Community currently under construction in the Lin-gang Special Area – in East China's Shanghai – is taking shape with wide roads and modern buildings, all designed as a hub for advanced scientific research.

An aerial view of the nascent Mobius Park. [Photo/Shanghai Observer]

The science-themed Mobius Park will open to the public this year, along with the life sciences center and artificial intelligence science center.

Mobius Park will feature science-related elements and engravings named after notable scientists, as well as a Jiangnan-style garden.

The park will offer recreational spaces, commercial facilities, zero-carbon buildings and a transportation hub, aiming to be a top commercial and cultural center.

Construction is nearly complete, with the opening planned for August.

An aerial view of a nearly complete lab building. [Photo/Shanghai Observer]

Around Mobius Park are international joint laboratories, including super labs, research labs, R&D offices, a 200-seat hall, garden terraces, restaurants and cafes.


The roofs of the laboratories provide a charming rest space with lush plants. [Photo/Shanghai Observer]


The underground non-motorized parking garage is equipped with a shower room, convenient for researchers who enjoy cycling. [Photo/Shanghai Observer]

Next to the labs is a low-carbon, smart community with energy-efficient residences.

Future plans include more commercial services like an immersive theater, flagship dining, a co-branded convenience store, fresh markets, coffee shops and bars – to make it a vibrant young city for top talent in Lin-gang.