Yellow Peach in Lin-gang| Updated: Sep 4, 2023 L M S

Most folks think of Nanhui honey peaches, when they talk about the fine peaches that come from the Lin-gang Special Area in East China's Shanghai city.

These luscious and juicy treats are a summer favorite in the region.

However, as autumn arrives the spotlight shifts to a new fruit: the yellow peach. While yellow peaches are relatively uncommon in Lin-gang's orchards, they take center stage during late summer and early fall at the Yueya peach orchard there.               



The yellow peaches just have a 25-day fruiting period. Including the storage period, consumers can eat yellow peaches for a month.

"We're confident that our yellow peaches are competitive and better than those in other places," a local villager said.

The secret is in the peach fertilizer. The fertilizer that nurtures the growth of yellow peaches is the biofungus fermented soybean, which has high energy supply. The peach tree absorbs the fertilizer, so the peaches are fully supplied with nutrients and have a sweeter taste.

In the opinion of villagers, their cultivation requires not only suitable soil, but also experience, technology, patience and following the ways of nature.

Take the roots of the peach trees, for example. Once the roots have problems, many orchards will remove the effected trees, but the consequence is that the peaches will not grow. However, the canny local villagers have adopted the method of cutting off the original aging root system and the new root system sprouts and regrows.


In the Yueya peach orchard, peach trees are to be found next to the overgrown weeds, which is an insider's trick to growing peaches. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

In the Yueya peach orchard, peach trees are lying next to overgrown weeds, which doesn't look appealing at all. But it's in fact an insider's trick for growing peaches. One local farmer said that the peach is afraid of the sun burn and gas burn; in addition to bags to prevent sun exposure, the grass is used to balance the orchard climate, boosting moisturizing and soil permeability.


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