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Lin-gang Special Area advances cross-border data flow drive

en.lingang.gov.cn| Updated: Feb 7, 2024 L M S

Lin-gang Special Area, a pioneering tech region in East China's Shanghai, will leverage its construction of an international data port.

That's to lead the way in advancing the implementation of high-standard international economic and trade regulations in the field of digital trade, local officials said on Feb 6.

The comments were made at a Tuesday news conference after the municipal government released a new set of guidelines addressing the general plan – released in early December by the State Council, China's cabinet – to extend the opening-up of the Shanghai FTZ.

Zhao Huaiyi, deputy director of the Lin-gang Special Area Administration, outlined key initiatives during the news conference.

First, Lin-gang will explore the creation of general data lists and important data catalogs. The area has established guidelines for cross-border data flows and released measures for managing data flow classifications.

It aims to compile lists focusing on key areas like smart vehicles and financial management, with the first batch expected to be issued in March.

Second, Lin-gang will lead data rule mutual recognition pilot projects – collaborating with the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement, or DEPA countries to promote practices such as paperless trading and electronic bills of lading.

Third, Lin-gang will accelerate the development of the Lin-gang International Data Economy Industrial Park, focusing on industries like data outsourcing and international cloud services to establish the special area as a hub for digital trading.

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