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Lin-gang hosts global semiconductor conference

en.lingang.gov.cn| Updated: Nov 24, 2023 L M S

The China (Lin-gang) International Semiconductor Summit was held in the Lin-gang Special Area on Nov 23.

The event attracted around 1,000 participants from diverse sectors, including automotive electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, and AI chip development.

The event was aimed at sharing cutting-edge technology trends and research outcomes.

The Lin-gang Special Area has been focused on developing its integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, and civil aviation industries over the past few years. The integrated circuit industry in Lin-gang, in particular, has made significant progress and is now backed by 250 billion yuan ($34.97 billion) in investments. It is also home to 230 leading enterprises.

The Lin-gang Special Area provides comprehensive support for enterprises in talent settlement, housing, healthcare, and education, allowing them to concentrate on research and development.

During the conference, discussions covered topics such as the role of intelligence in semiconductor industry development, high-performance advanced packaging, semiconductor process technology, AI large model technology, 5G+AI integration, and the digitization of the semiconductor industry.

In addition, various events were held in the afternoon, including the International Automotive Semiconductor Summit, closed-door meetings on automotive electronics and semiconductor industry ecology, AI chip and high-performance computing forums, and forums on advanced packaging technology, optoelectronic chip manufacturing, and high-end applications.

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