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Lin-gang hosts summit for intelligent robot industry advancements

en.lingang.gov.cn| Updated: Nov 16, 2023 L M S

The Shanghai Intelligent Robot Industry Conference Lin-gang summit was held at the Dishui Lake Conference Center in the Lin-gang Special Area on Nov 11.

Chen Jinshan, director of the Lin-gang Special Area Administration, announced the launch of the General Robot Industrial Research Institute during the summit.

The General Robot Industrial Research Institute is aiming to become a collaborative platform that facilitates engagements between the government, industry players, academics and research professionals. The institute will provide services such as think tank consulting, general technology research, and achievement incubation.

Deals for 15 intelligent robot projects were signed during the summit.

The Lin-gang Intelligent Robot Industrial Ecological Consortium was also inaugurated during the event. Comprising 29 intelligent robot companies, AI technology firms, financial institutions, universities, and application scenario entities, the consortium is focused on fostering resource sharing, technology exchanges, and collaborative projects.

The Lin-gang Special Area currently hosts over 150 core artificial intelligence enterprises and has a research community comprising over 5,000 experts and around 40 entities. These efforts are geared towards propelling the high-quality development of the intelligent robot industry and positioning the Lin-gang Special Area as a pioneering demonstration zone.