Development orientation – AI industry| Updated: Jun 29, 2020 L M S

Strategic positioning:

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry in Lin-gang Special Area will rely on technological innovation and diversified application scenarios. By gathering international innovative elements, Lin-gang is able to promote the integration, development and demonstration of AI and real economy and establish pilot application zones for AI innovation.

Development goals:

By 2025, the revenue of related AI industries is expected to reach 50 billion yuan ($7.1 billion).

By 2035, the revenue of related AI industries is expected to reach 200 billion yuan.

Main tasks:

  • Accelerating the construction of a basic supporting platform for AI

Lin-gang Special Area will establish high-quality and open-sharing resource pools such as AI training data sets and standard test data sets, and set up major high performance computing service platforms for basic theories such as AI deep learning, data mining and autonomous collaborative control, core technologies such as computer vision, natural language processing and new human-computer interaction, and key industries such as automated driving, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent robots. At the same time, it will also establish open and innovative platforms for open source, shared and collaborative AI data collection, algorithm pooling, open computing power, and inspection and testing.

  • Laying out the development of AI core industries

Lin-gang will accelerate the development of intelligent chips, intelligent sensors, and smart devices, and foster intelligent robots, intelligent driving and other high value-added emerging industries, and include the concentrated development of AI core hardware and software industries. 

  • Creating world-class pilot application scenarios

Lin-gang Special Area employs an "AI+" strategy, which focuses on shipping logistics, equipment manufacturing, medical health, urban management, financial commerce and other key areas, to guide the latest achievements in global AI to "release first" in the area and create a batch of influential applications and demonstration projects for automated driving, AI, fin-tech, etc. It will make use of international resources to build international AI R&D institutions and gather talented developers from home and abroad to create open source platforms. It will also promote R&D and open source of AI software frameworks, form developer groups which integrate "algorithms, data and scenarios" in major areas, and set up linchpins of international AI development eco networking.


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