Development orientation – Biomedical industry| Updated: Jun 29, 2020 L M S

Strategic positioning:

Lin-gang Special Area keep abreast of cutting-edging development of global biomedicine and the health industry, focus on innovative drugs and high-end medical equipment, and establish biomedical research and development (R&D) and manufacturing bases and service centers with international competitiveness.

Development goals:

By 2025, the scale of the biomedical industry in Lin-gang Special Area is expected to reach overall revenue of 80 billion yuan ($11.3 billion).

By 2035, the biomedical industry in Lin-gang Special Area is expected to be at the forefront of international innovation and have total revenue of 200 billion yuan.

Main tasks:

  • Realizing breakthroughs in key core technologies

Lin-gang Special Area will support market players in making breakthroughs in key technologies, essential components and basic materials used for antibody and immunotherapy and other high-end biological products, R&D and industrialization of innovative drugs, high-end imaging equipment, and implantable and interventional medical equipment.

  • Optimizing the layout of biomedicine industrial chains

Using the "R&D + Manufacturing + Service" layout, Lin-gang will encourage market participants to conduct cutting-edge science and technology (S&T) research in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering and focus on high-end drugs, high-end medical equipment, precision medicine and other related fields. It will also accelerate the implementation of high-end biomedical industrialization projects, build up high-level processing bases and R&D centers, forge connections with Zhangjiang Medicine Valley and Oriental Beauty Valley to build a sound industrial chain in the life sciences. In addition, it will optimize the import process of biomedical R&D products, support the large-scale construction of CMO production platforms, deepen reform of the MAH system, and boost headquarters economy. Subsequently, it will develop service outsourcing of key links, such as R&D and manufacturing of biological products, chemicals, and high-end medical equipment.

  • Promoting the construction of high-end platforms and carriers

Lin-gang will build high-level hospitals and clinical centers, strengthen the construction of platforms for pharmaceutical and medical big data, and promote the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence. It will also support enterprises in gathering higher education institutions and research institutes to advance the construction of biomedical innovation centers and platforms for generic technology research and commercialization of its achievements.


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