Development orientation – IC industry| Updated: Jun 24, 2020 L M S

Strategic positioning:

Focus on the core of the integrated circuit (IC) industrial chain, promote technological breakthroughs and upgrade the whole industrial chain, build a national IC comprehensive industrial base and an influential core industrial cluster.

Development goals:

By 2025, Lin-gang Special Area will resolve key technical problems in the equipment, material and special technology fields, and the IC industry's revenue will reach 80 billion yuan ($11.3 billion).

By 2035, the IC industry will be rapidly developing and will achieve revenue of 200 billion yuan.

Main tasks:

  • Accelerating creation of core technologies

Lin-gang Special Area will focus on high-end chips, key devices, special technologies, core equipment and key materials, and promote technological breakthroughs in electronic design automation software, new storage technology, power devices and electronic automobile products. Lin-gang will also accelerate the R&D and industrialization of special technologies, and strengthen the cooperation development of devices, core components and materials.

  • Increasing the industrial aggregation

Lin-gang Special Area will accelerate the development of fields such as high-end IC equipment, advanced materials and special technologies. It will support the settlement of international and domestic first-class firms, and encourage transnational corporations to set up regional headquarters, offshore R&D centers and manufacturing centers. It will form a fully functional and cutting-edge IC industrial system with Zhangjiang, improving the industrial competitiveness.

  • Building an open and cooperative R&D, manufacturing and trading platform

Lin-gang Special Area will form compound semiconductor mass production lines, and promote the R&D and industrialization of key devices such as radio frequency, photoelectric and power electronics. It will establish domestic equipment material verification centers and build IC chip, equipment and parts trading platforms for the Asia-Pacific region. 


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