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Building an open industrial system to be competitive in the global market

Lin-gang Special Area will take advantage of the open system to promote the integration of international business, cross-border financial services, cutting-edge scientific and technological research and development (R&D), cross-border service trade, and other functions. The special area will strengthen the clustering capacity of the open economy, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of stock enterprises, and improve the overall industrial energy level of the region.

1) Establish cutting-edge industrial clusters with breakthroughs in key and core technologies

Lin-gang Special Area will construct a comprehensive industrial base for integrated circuits, optimize a full-scale bonded supervision model for imported materials, support multinational companies to set up offshore R&D and manufacturing centers, and promote the development of key fields such as core chips, featured processes, key equipment and necessary materials.

Lin-gang Special Area will construct demonstration zones for artificial intelligence innovation and application, accelerate the opening of application scenarios, and promote the development of new industries such as intelligent automobiles, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent robots.

The special area will construct an industrial cluster for civil aviation, with engines for large passenger aircraft and civil aviation as the core, accelerate the accumulation of fundamental research, technology development, product development, tests and verification, and other supporting industries, and promote the development of an aviation industry chain such as assembly and delivery, production support, operation and maintenance, and travel services.

Lin-gang Special Area will build maintenance and green remanufacturing centers for countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), establish a green certification and rating system, support the inbound maintenance and remanufacturing of products such as numerical control machine tools and engineering equipment in the comprehensive free trade zone, and enhance the competitiveness of high-end intelligent remanufacturing industry in the global market.

2) Developing a new type of international trade

Lin-gang Special Area will establish an Asia-Pacific supply chain management center, improve the institutional support system for new international trade, international market investment services and international market financing services, and attract organizations to set up headquarters in the area.

The special area will develop cross-border digital trade and support the establishment of cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouses.

Lin-gang Special Area will construct an international medical service cluster and support cooperation with foreign institutions in the development of cross-border medical insurance products and pilot international medical insurance settlement projects.

Besides, Lin-gang Special Area will allow qualified foreign-owned enterprises to conduct cultural art exhibitions, auctions and transactions.

3) Building a high-powered global shipping hub

Lin-gang Special Area will support Shanghai Pudong International Airport in building a world-class aviation hub, an air cargo terminal with integrated functions of logistics, sorting and supervision, a regional base for aviation headquarters, and an international hub for air express services. It will promote the full implementation of combined transport for international passengers and baggage. The special area will establish an international shipping supply service system to improve the comprehensive service capabilities of ship and aviation supplies, maintenance, spare parts, fuel oil and other services, and support domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions to develop shipping financing, shipping insurance, shipping settlement, shipping materials leasing, ship trading, and shipping arbitration services, and will explore the development of a shipping index derivatives business, and enhance high-end shipping services. 

4) Expanding cross-border financial services

Lin-gang Special Area will vigorously expand the depth and breadth of renminbi in cross-border financial services, support the development of renminbi cross-border trade financing and refinancing businesses, and encourage multinational companies to establish global or regional fund management centers. The special area will accelerate the development of finance leasing of aircraft and ships, and promote the development of green finance businesses such as environmental pollution liability insurance.

5) Promoting the integrated development of industries and cities

Lin-gang Special Area will further expand channels for introducing high-quality international capital and experience into public services such as education, healthcare, culture, sports, park construction and urban management, strengthen the management of infrastructure construction in the area, and provide high-quality international urban services.

6) Enhancing the coordinated and innovative development of Yangtze River Delta

Lin-gang Special Area will support domestic and foreign investors to set up joint innovation special funds in the area, cooperate on major scientific research projects and allow relevant funds to be freely used in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The Special Area will support private equity funds initiated abroad by domestic investors to participate in the financing of innovative technology companies in the area and to invest in the Yangtze River Delta region, and will support the expansion of dominant industries into the Yangtze River Delta region to form industrial clusters.


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