Development orientation – Civil aviation industry| Updated: Jul 9, 2021 L M S

Strategic positioning:

Develop a civil aviation industry system integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, applications and service.

Build a competitive and influential civil aviation industry cluster and actively develop the aerospace industry in the Lin-gang Special Area.

Development goals:

By 2025, the Lin-gang Special Area's industrial chain agglomeration effect will have been highlighted and the output value of the civil aviation industry there will reach 60 billion yuan ($9.27 billion).

By 2035, the industrial competitiveness of Lin-gang's civil aviation industry will be at the forefront of the world, with an output value of 250 billion yuan.

Main tasks:

  • Strengthening efforts to tackle key problems in core technologies and products

The Lin-gang Special Area will strengthen R&D of cutting-edge technologies and core technologies in key fields such as large passenger aircraft, aero-engines, general aviation and satellite manufacturing. The R&D will also focus on key links such as final assembly test flights, installation matching, production support, tooling equipment and the manufacturing of engine components and composite structural parts.

  • Promoting the agglomeration of innovation factors and industries

The Lin-gang Special Area will promote the construction of a large aircraft innovation valley and industrial park – and gather scientific and technological elements such as innovative talent, devices and institutions. It will accelerate the agglomeration of support functions such as basic research, technology development, product development, tests and verifications. It will promote the development of the whole industrial production and supply chain for final assemblies and deliveries of key support facilities, operations and maintenance and financial services. Finally, it will also form a key and core independent technology sector, so as to build a large aircraft science and technology innovation center with global influence and a world-class aviation industry base.

  • Expanding the layout of the aerospace field

The Lin-gang Special Area will focus on the satellite industry production and supply chain. It will strengthen resource integration in satellite manufacturing, satellite surveys, transportation, controls and applications. It will promote the implementation of the Smart Skynet project and the application of achievements, as well as accelerate the construction of a new industrial ecosystem for satellite internet applications. It will also support the development of emerging industries, such as big data cloud computing and intelligent manufacturing.


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