Shanghai plans ahead for its hydrogen energy sector| Updated: Jun 24, 2022 L M S

East China's Shanghai recently announced a medium and long-term plan for its hydrogen energy industry – under which by 2025, the industrial scale of the city's hydrogen energy sector supply chain will top 100 billion yuan ($14.93 billion).

Hydrogen energy is abundant, green, low-carbon and widely used in the secondary energy and is gradually becoming one of the important carriers of the global energy transformation.

After years of development, Shanghai has mastered important technologies and production processes in such areas as hydrogen production, storage, transportation, refueling and fuel cell system integration.

At present, 10 hydrogenation stations and nearly 30 kilometers of hydrogen transmission pipeline have been built in Shanghai, laying the foundations for the application and promotion of hydrogen energy throughout the city.

Under the plan, by 2025 Shanghai will have built about 70 hydrogenation stations of various types and established three to five world-class innovation and research platforms. The number of fuel cell vehicles in the city will exceed 10,000 by then, while the industrial scale of the hydrogen energy industry supply chain will exceed 100 billion yuan.

By 2035, it is projected that Shanghai will have transformed itself into an R&D and innovation center and a manufacturing and testing center for key core equipment and components, leading the development of the hydrogen energy industry in China.   


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