CEO of Corigine

en.lingang.gov.cn| Updated: Oct 31, 2022 L M S

Editor's note: The artificial intelligence industry is a vital driving force for Shanghai's promotion of digital transformation and development into a comprehensive international digital mecca.

With the advantages of a cluster of world-class enterprises, innovative policies and systems as well as open application scenarios, the Lin-gang Special Area – located in East China's Shanghai – has gathered a number of AI enterprises including autonomous driving, intelligent terminals, AI chips and data services.

Well-known entrepreneurs and experts were invited to share their insights and advice about the AI industry to coincide with the start of operations of the Dishui Lake AI Innovation Hub, which is expected to accelerate the development of the AI industry in the Lin-gang Special Area.

Lu Sheng, CEO of Corigine


Lu Sheng, CEO of Corigine [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

Corigine is the only supplier in China of intelligent NIC products with full-stack independent control from chips to NIC and from firmware to drivers.

We have developed and produced the only mature Data Processing Unit, or DPU chip, with independent intellectual property rights based on the SoC structure.

When I first came to Lin-gang, it reminded me of my feelings when I returned to Shanghai from abroad in 2002 – an upsurge of pride in its significant development.

Lin-gang provides a superb business environment, supportive policies and rich application scenarios, which were the reasons why we chose to lay out a wholly-owned subsidiary here.