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Innovative supervision of Yangshan Free Trade Zone

en.lingang.gov.cn| Updated: Dec 26, 2022 L M S

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Yangshan Free Trade Zone [Photo/IC]

In addition to the implementation of comprehensive bonded zone policies, the Yangshan Free Trade Zone in the Lin-gang Special Area of Shanghai explores trade liberalization and effective supervisory policies.

Preferential policies are offered to enterprises in the zone in the six categories of declaration modes, trade supervision, regional management, statistical systems, information management and collaborative management.

1) Declaration mode. Except for those that must be declared at Customs in accordance with laws or regulations, imported goods not involving special inspections or quarantine can be directly released by first-line Customs. Companies in Yangshan can directly pick up and deliver goods. The bilateral declaration system for companies inside and outside the zone will be changed into a single declaration for companies outside the zone at the second-line Customs.

2) Trade supervision. Except for goods that must be checked or quarantined by the first-line Customs, including those stipulated by international conventions, treaties, or agreements, or those on the security list, goods will be checked at the second-line Customs. Consequently, as a first principle imported goods will be inspected at the second-line Customs. Goods involving inspections and quarantine will only be inspected once, either at the first line or at the second-line Customs.

3) Regional management. The Customs will cancel the account book management and remove such normal supervision as handbook cancellation after verification and unit consumption management. Enterprises in the zone enjoy self-operation and management. They can transfer, consolidate, store, process, produce, trade, exhibit, conduct R&D, re-manufacture, check and maintain, distribute and deliver in accordance with the law. Their commodities in the zone can be stockpiled with no time limits.

4) Statistical system. The real-time single-ticket calculation at Customs will be substituted by a public information service platform which enables automatic calculations by the administrative body in the zone. 

5) Information management. Based on the integrated information management service platform established by the management committee of the Yangshan FTZ, a mechanism will be formed that uses unified regulations and reliable data stock in terms of original accounts. Based on the platform, information interconnection and data traceability can be achieved and responsibilities can be precisely targeted.

6) Collaborative management. As the administrative body of the Yangshan FTZ, the Lin-gang Special Area management committee will take the initiative to publish information including enterprise credits, big events and annual reports to promote greater autonomy for enterprises.

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