Opinions on the implementation of loan interest discount for key enterprises in the Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

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1. Adhering to the principle of marketization, legalization, professionalization, further increase in Lin-gang Special Area's credit support for key industries. Reduce companies' financing costs with the preferential policies, and provide key enterprises in Lin-gang Special Area with characteristic and comprehensive financial service programs, supporting the Lin-gang Special Area to build a world-class industrial cluster.

2. Key companies in the Opinions refer to those conforming to the functional orientation and industrial development direction of Lin-gang Special Area. The industrial and commercial registration location, actual business location and tax administration location of the enterprise shall be in the Lin-gang Special Area, and the companies should have no bad credit record.

3. Loans eligible for discounted interest shall be priced at the Loan Prime Rate (LPR). In principle, the loan term requires at least one year. Priority will be given to loans with a term of more than three years (included).

In principle, the loan is provided to eligible enterprises by the banks and the development and policy-related banks in Lin-gang Special Area.

4. The loan discount interest shall not exceed 200 basis points per year. In principle, the upper limit of the annual discount interest amount of a single-family enterprise shall not exceed the interest amount of the enterprise loan in that year. Overdue loans are no longer entitled to discount interest from the date of maturity.

5. Discounted interest funds are applied annually. The enterprises shall submit the application for discounted interest of the loan interest incurred in the previous year before June 30 each year. Loans that companies have taken out since August 2019 and are eligible for the discount policy are included.

6. For some key enterprises, the principle of a case-for-case system can be adopted for auditing.

7. Each lending bank shall strengthen supervision and management of relevant loan applications, issuance and post-loan review to ensure compliance with loan use regulations.

8. The Lin-gang Special Area Administration is responsible for the acceptance, examination and verification of enterprises' applications for discounted interest, the allocation of funds and supervision during and after the transaction.

The Lin-gang Special Area Administration, Shanghai branch of the People's Bank of China and Shanghai Financial Work Bureau should jointly strengthen policy publicity and business guidance, and guide commercial banks to increase medium-and long-term credit support to enterprises in key industries.

9. These Opinions shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation and shall be valid for five years. The Lin-gang Special Area Administration shall formulate specific operating measures in accordance with the Opinions.