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CharGo intelligent mobile charging robots debut in Lin-gang| Updated: May 8, 2024 L M S

On the move: A CharGo robot works the streets. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

So-called CharGo robots, a solution to Shanghai's electric vehicle charging needs, debuted recently in the Lin-gang Special Area – in East China's Shanghai – during the May Day holiday.

The robots autonomously approach vehicles in designated areas, plug in charging cables and facilitate payments via QR codes, offering convenient and discounted charging services at 0.51 yuan ($0.07) per kilowatt-hour.


A CharGo robot charges up an electric car. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

Powered by advanced technology including laser radar and RGBD – RGB + Depth Map cameras – CharGo robots are said to ensure efficient navigation and obstacle avoidance.

They also feature intelligent driving and discharging functions, coordinated by artificial intelligent energy management platforms and leveraging battery big data services for accurate diagnostics and maintenance advice.

Shanghai Lin-gang Special Area Parking Management Co Ltd recently collaborated with CATL (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co Ltd, signing a strategic agreement to deploy CharGo robots across different areas of Lin-gang's main urban area.

An experiential area in the Lin-gang Center's underground parking garage is now displaying the features of CharGo robots, providing demonstrations for electric vehicle owners.


The CharGo robots experiential area in the Lin-gang Center's underground parking garage. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

The introduction of CharGo robots is said to mark an innovative step in Lin-gang's urban charging infrastructure, not only providing efficient charging solutions – but also energy storage for surrounding buildings, contributing to peak shaving and dynamic capacity enhancement.

In the future, CharGo robots are expected to play a significant role in Lin-gang's infrastructure, serving various areas including parking lots, residential communities and commercial complexes.

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