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Innovative boost to bonded LNG refueling for greater service capacity| Updated: Aug 23, 2023 L M S


In January 2022, the Lin-gang Special Area Administration collaborated with 11 departments, including the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, to issue regulations supporting bonded LNG refueling for international ships in Lin-gang. This policy has since bolstered the provision of bonded LNG refueling services.

On March 14, 2022, the Maltese container-ship CMA CGM SYMI received bonded LNG refueling from an LNG refueling vessel – Hai Gang Wei Lai, at Yangshan Port. This marked China's inaugural "ship-to-ship" bonded LNG refueling operation.


To expand Shanghai port's bonded LNG refueling capability, the Lin-gang Special Area Administration has helped Shanghai Port Group to set up an energy services company in the Yangshan Free Trade Zone. This step has expanded the LNG refueling service scope and capacity.

To ensure smooth operations, relevant departments designed plans and coordinated measures for refueling across Yangshan Port. Learning from prior successes, they devised operational and emergency strategies to address risks, compatibility, and safety measures. They also set guidelines to secure vessel compatibility, critical points, and safety procedures, ensuring a multi-layered safeguard approach.

By relying on vessel traffic and identification systems, a mobile safety zone was established for Hai Gang Wei Lai LNG refueling vessel, which is able to use remote monitoring to bolster safety during navigation and operations.

Upon berthing, law enforcement personnel conduct strict onboard inspections of crew operational skills to ensure safety during loading and unloading. An operational safety alert zone was marked around both vessels and remote monitoring and maritime broadcasts were used to prevent nearby vessels from entering the area.


Since the first refueling in March 2022, Yangshan Port has provided over 45 "ship-to-ship" LNG refueling, making it a significant global node for such services.

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