In pics: Shanghai Gulf Forest Park brightens city in winter

en.lingang.gov.cn| Updated: Dec 15, 2022 L M S

As the temperature continues to drop in winter, the foliage at Shanghai Gulf Forest Park in the Lin-gang Special Area of Shanghai is turning red and amber, contributing to the city's romantic winter atmosphere.


A bird's-eye view of a river at Shanghai Gulf Forest Park, replete with trees boasting an array of seasonal color. [Photo/WeChat ID: lgqyfwj]


Greens, yellows, pinks and browns combine to create beautiful scenery at Shanghai Gulf Forest Park. [Photo/WeChat ID: lgqyfwj]


A lady enjoys a spot of boating at Shanghai Gulf Forest Park while soaking up the beautiful scenery. [Photo/WeChat ID: lgqyfwj]


There's nothing quite like camping by the riverside at Shanghai Gulf Forest Park to relax and unwind. [Photo/WeChat ID: lgqyfwj]