Zhejiang-based trading company settles in Lin-gang| Updated: Oct 27, 2022 L M S

Zhejiang Jihai Trade Development Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Zhejiang International Business Group Co Ltd, recently set up its Shanghai branch in the Lin-gang Special Area.

The company, established in 2013, is currently engaged in basis trading of shares and commodities, warehouse receipt services, cooperative hedging, the imports and exports trade, options, over-the-counter derivatives, market making and other business related to risk management services.

Its Shanghai branch is expected to give full play to the comprehensive support and advantages of the Lin-gang Special Area. That's in terms of the area's leading global resources, cross-border finance, offshore trade, international talent and financial support – in order to explore new models of international trading.


  • Address No 200 Shengang Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
  • Zip Code 201306
  • TEL +86-21-68283063
  • FAX +86-21-68283000