New hydrogen refueling station starts operating in Lin-gang| Updated: Sep 21, 2022 L M S

The Tonghui Road service station, the second hydrogen refueling station in the Lin-gang Special Area – located in East China's Shanghai city – recently started operating.

It is also PetroChina's second refueling station in Shanghai.

The station offers services for the Lin-gang T2 trackless train – featuring streetcars with a larger passenger capacity than a bus – and for conventional hydrogen-fueled buses.

It is located at the intersection of Tonghui Road and Shunxiang Road. The designed hydrogenation capacity is 2000 kg/12h, the filling pressure is 35MPa and the developed hydrogenation capacity is 1400 kg/d.

The Lin-gang T2 trackless train is the first hydrogen-fueled trackless train line in China. The vehicle has a maximum filling capacity of 38 kilograms and a range of 150 kilometers per tank, which is five times  the range of the Lin-gang T1 tramline.

The Tonghui Road hydrogen refueling station was tailor-made for the Lin-gang T2 trackless train. It is designed so that its two hydrogen dispensers can fuel the train at the same time, halving the refueling time.


A worker fills the Lin-gang T2 trackless train with hydrogen at the Tonghui Road hydrogen refueling station. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]


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