Shanghai releases the Notice on Special Measures to Support Talents for Resumption of Production and Work

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To further facilitate resumption of production and work, and give full play to the talent in serving socio-economic development, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau recently issued the Notice on Special Measures to Support Talents for Resumption of Production and Work. The Notice provides a series of special measures supporting talent for resumption of production and work. Q&As are as below.

A more open environment will be enabled to attract talent

the Notice made it clear that from July 2022 to June 2023, the current basic criteria remain reference for the item of "average wage" in talent attraction policies; returnees graduating from world top 50 universities can obtain permanent household registration (hukou), after taking a full-time job in Shanghai regardless of social insurance base and payment duration. Returnees graduating from universities ranked 51-100 can apply for hukou after taking a full-time job in Shanghai and paying social insurance premium for six months.

In addition, in the case that the employer pays the overdue social insurance by the end of 2022 at the latest due to the COVID-19, the Notice made it clear that after the payment, the enterprise will not be affacted with its talent introduction. When handling talent introduction, a "green channel" should be provided, and priority should be given to the application of introducing in talent for key enterprises resuming production and work, and returned overseas graduates; enterprises are allowed to submit online application materials first and paper versions later when under pandemic control or anything else untoward.

Specialized campaigns will be carried out on employment of university students with greater efforts

The Notice stated clearly that the recruitment for common management positions and general elementary professional technical positions at municipal public institutions should lean primarily toward university graduates; graduates of 2022 can return to their alma mater before the year-end to take part in professional skills grade certification and enjoy government subsidies for vocational skills development.

Market-oriented allocation of human resources will be fully tapped in a more effective manner

The Notice stated that Shanghai will further enhance the funding support in the HR "BoLe" Incentives Scheme to guide the headhunting institutions in supporting more on high-level overseas talent and talent conducive to the fight against the pandemic, and to the resumption of production and work. A series of pro bono HR programs will be rolled out under the service model of "informing and promising".

Moreover, special supporting measures are proposed in the Notice to provide public services in terms of high-level talent service guarantee, support for returnees pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship, and application for evaluation of professional titles for professional technical talent.

Next, Shanghai Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will continue to bring the function of online platform into full play, strengthen consultation and publicity, launch "pooling talents for development" activities during talent-related policy publicity season. These efforts can help answer the questions of employers and the talent, assisting them to better understand policies, key measures and handling procedures.

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