Lin-gang's public transport resumes| Updated: May 23, 2022 L M S


The Lin-gang T1 tramline, featuring streetcars with a larger passenger capacity than a bus, departures from the Dishui Lake station on May 22. [Photo/WeChat ID: shlgguanweihui]

The public transport system of the Lin-gang Special Area – located in East China's Shanghai city – has turned a corner.

A total of four bus routes and one metro line 16, as well as the T1 tramline – that form a network covering the main areas and provide access to the area's major communities, schools, hospitals and commercial districts – are back on track.

They resumed operations since May 22, local media reported.

Passengers must wear face masks and take temperature checks before entering the vehicles and each has to present a negative nucleic acid test result taken within 48 hours and scan a venue QR code.

The buses are currently running at intervals much longer than usual. More details about the timetable are as follows:

  • Lin-gang T1 tramline (May 22-31)

Interval: 80-90 minutes

Operations times: Hongyin Square station: 6:00-19:00; Dishui Lake metro station: 7:15-20:15

  • Bus 1037

Interval: 30-60 min

Operations times: Wanlong village committee, Wanxiang town: 6:35-20:35; Shuyuan metro station: 7:05-21:05

  • Bus 1075

Interval: 25-60 min

Operations times: Laolu Highway Xingang: 6:35-20:35; Shuyuan metro station: 7:00-21:05

  • Bus 1043

Interval: 30-60 min

Operations times: Shared area: 6:30-20:30; Dishui Lake metro station: 7:00-21:15

  • Nicheng Bus 4

Interval: 40-80 min

Operations times: Nicheng public transit hub: 6:20-20:25; Shuyuan metro station: 7:00-21:05

  • Pudong Bus 29

Interval: 40-70 min

Operations times: Chaole Road and Luchao Road: 6:20-19:50; Lingang Avenue metro station: 7:00-21:10


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