Industrial distribution model of Oriental IC Port

en.lgxc.gov.cn| Updated: Oct 30, 2020 L M S


[Photo edited by Xue Xinyi]

Oriental IC Port has an industrial distribution model of "10+X", with the "10" and "X" referring two different parts of the model.


A 10-square-kilometer industrial area will be reserved for expansion of the integrated circuit industry.

A 10-square-kilometer industrial area is also planned in the pioneering promoter areas (including Nanhui New Town, Lingang Equipment Park, Xiaoyangshan Island and the southern part of Shanghai Pudong International Airport). It will serve as the core area of Lin-gang Special Area's integrated circuit (IC)  industry and will be used for industries such as IC advanced manufacturing, core equipment and materials, third-generation semiconductors and high-end packaging.


Lin-gang plans "X" concentrated areas, including an international innovation and collaboration area and a special comprehensive bonded zone.

The international innovation and collaboration area is expected to become a new IC research and development cluster. It will focus on company headquarters, R&D, offices, high-end chip design, functional platforms and innovation incubators and accelerators.

The special comprehensive bonded zone will be regarded as a window for the export-oriented development of Lin-gang's IC industry. It will focus on bonded R&D, bonded manufacturing, IC trade circulation and supporting services.